Monday, August 8, 2011


Refreshing is probably the best way of describing my last three weeks. But people really, it was no vacation!  It was the closest I will get to a vacation, and by all means I enjoyed almost every minute of it, but I was W-O-R-K-I-N-G!  Stepping onto campus as a student though was exhilarating.  I came across a quote that said, "The difficulties of Democracy are the opportunities of education."  I haven't googled it, but I'm sure it was someone important, considering they had it on a building.  Immediately I felt excited about being a student again.

Thankfully my Green Team all gelled pretty quickly.  We all represent a variety of experience and come from a variety of states.  I was both inspired and disheartened by the skills of various people in my cohort, but the best thing about it was that nobody was arrogant about their skills, and we really all brought something valuable to our group.

Our days were filled with classes.  Because I have my BA in Drama, some of the knowledge and skills were review, but I also learned a lot of great new things.  I took the most from sound and lighting, mainly because I used to operate on a pretty basic level when I produced shows in my former schools.  If they could be heard and seen, and the audience was not bored before the show and during long scene changes, then I had succeeded.  So what I learned this summer will already improve productions by 50%. 

We also had a course in stage management, which was a huge resource when working in educational theatre at the high school level.  I have had some great stage managers in the past, but they could have been so much more well rounded with the resources I have now.  In scenic and costuming, I learned new tricks and skills for drafting/rendering, but more importantly I was inspired.  Before leaving I sent a scale model with no furniture in it, because I had no clue how to make 1/4 inch scale furniture.  The model I returned with actually looks like more than a white box with stairs.

There is so much more, but I want to get to the poignant part.  Sooooo, three weeks, I can count as inspired.  I am so grateful that my husband let me do this; so thankful that the director of the program let me enter after telling him about losing my last job, and of course, so grateful to God that He took me in this direction.

Finishing this up I am actually a week out from returning home.  I am waiting to hear about a job with Fresno Christian Schools.  This is also the first month of living on one paycheck.  It's only the eighth, and I keep wavering between peace and worry.  The boys need back to school stuff, but that is my biggest worry right now.  My other struggle is the question that if I don't get this job, what next?  I have 5 sizeable projects to complete before returning to Oregon next summer, but other than that I have the home to take care of...hmm.  Sure there's plenty to do, but I where would I start?  I also have images of beginning my work out kick again.  You never really see yourself as others do until you see yourself in pictures.  Bleck!  I don't know.  I'm really hoping for the job.

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